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We provide you with information to make choosing an apartment in a new building as simple as possible. We are looking for information about all the objects under construction, specifying the price and other details. Here you will find a large number of options for your new apartment, you can compare and choose the most suitable one.

  • Select the location where you want to buy an apartment
  • Specify the maximum budget
  • Enter the maximum area or number of rooms
  • Get a list of buildings that match your parameters
  • Look at the details of the building: renderings or photos, description and important characteristics
  • If you liked the object, add it to your Favorites to watch later
  • If you want to compare several objects, add them to the "Compare" list and decide which one suits you best
  • Contact the investor or an authorized seller
  • Check the information in the FAQ section for the issues important to know before the deal
  • Buy the apartment you like and tell us how was the deal!


If you are an investor: you can place information on your newly constructed object or an object under construction on our website for free. You can update and supplement the information about it, post renderings and photos and promote your real estate for more and more customers.