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Efektive promotion with novazgrada.rs

Our portal has no analogues in Serbia, however it has shown its effectiveness in many countries of the world. The real estate market of Belgrade has been growing for several years, and this trend is expected to continue in the near future. Demand for quality housing remains stable and is estimated to exceed supply, but the number of investors entering the market is also growing, as is competition for a solvent buyer.

To choose the apartment of your dreams, you need to have patience in Belgrade, because you need to gather information from the various sources: websites of well-known investors and projects, portals for real estate sales, friends and relatives, informing about the beginning of construction work in the area that you like for living. Our proposal for is not wait until your customer’s aunt passes by the fence of your construction site, and place information about the sale of apartments to the place with really interested buyers.

Place information about the new building on our website

The presentation of your new building on our website is a sure step to make the buyer fall in love with his new apartment at a glance. Place photos or visualizations of the building and apartments, comprehensive information about the characteristics of the project and the location on which it is located, emphasize the merits of your investment. Attach the layout of the apartments, which are still on sale and your buyer will call you. We offer you to constantly maintain the relevance of information about your new building, make changes to the prices and terms of sale, supplement the presentation with photos and remove from the site the sold apartments. It's completely free.

Premium placement

If you want to highlight your object, we have several options on how to do this. You can place it on a large slider on our main page with a link to its detailed description. If you are providing any promotion activities, we can mark your new building with the appropriate icon and always show it on the main page, regardless of when it was added to our site. Also you can post an article about your object to our blog and tell the customers in detail why your new building better than all others.

Improve your presentation

We can help you make your presentation understandable to the buyer, draw layouts and sketchy visualizations so that they are understandable to an ordinary person, and not just a certified architect. Become closer to the buyer, remove the irritation, which is familiar to each of us, when we have to deal with things far from our profession. Looking at your presentation, a person has to be able to imagine immediately himself and his family in a new apartment - and this is the most correct step to signing a contract, believe us.