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Nova Zgrada - Novogradnja Beograd

New buildings Belgrade

from 2 700 €/sqm
On request
from 2 614 €/sqm

Dunavska 70

Investor: DOBRA GRADNJA doo
On request
from 2 300 €/sqm

Blok 32

Investor: PMC inženjering i SPC
On request

MT Residence

Investor: SANIDEI doo
from 2 593 €/sqm
from 1 850 €/sqm

Stepa Nova

from 1 700 €/sqm


Investor: STORMS doo

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New apartments in Belgrade

Buying a new apartment can be one of the happiest as well one of the most stressful life events. At a price that is often equal or even exceeds the savings of the whole family, we try to find our sweat home. It is a construction boom in Belgrade for the last several years. There are lots of investors and new objects developed, so we are here to collect all the information of newly built residential buildings in one place.

The residential real estate market in Serbia has its own tricks, buying a newly built apartment requires certain knowledge. Therefore, the most important advice for every buyer of an apartment or any real estate is a warning, be careful! Do not let anyone deceive you with unrealistic promises, the price of an apartment below the market may be an empty promise. Spend enough time and pay close attention, be well informed and find out everything you can about your future apartment. You can do a lot by yourself, find and check all the important data, as well as use services of law and real estate professionals.