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  • Kupovina stana u izgrađenoj novogradnji

    Stages of buying an apartment in a new building


    So, you decided to buy an apartment in a new building. At all stages of the process, the best solution will be to seek the help of a specialist. It can be a lawyer or real estate agency that has in...

  • Kupovina u izgradnji  - baza znanja

    Stages of buying an apartment under construction


    Buying an apartment under construction directly from an investor can be an advantageous, but risky investment. Therefore, to check the developer (investor) and all the details of the project is the...

  • Provera podataka

    Checking the information before the deal


    Before you decide to go in cooperation with an investor, you must carefully check all the information concerning its activity. As usual, we recommend you to contact experts that would guarantee the...

  • Mortgage - faq



    The volume of loans issued by Serbian banks for the purchase of housing by citizens has been growing year-on-year. In certain circumstances, financing from the bank can be a good solution for...

  • Tax on transfer of absolute rights


    When buying an apartment, one of the following taxes is paid: value-added tax (porez na dodatnu vrednost, PDV) - if the seller is a legal entity or tax transfer of ownership (porez na prenos...

  • Property tax


    After buying a new apartment you have to pay a property tax. According to the law, the obligation to pay property tax comes with the earliest of the following events: the transfer of ownership, the...

  • Prijavljivanje novih korisnika komunalnih usluga



    Having moved to a new apartment, do not forget to formalize the contracts with the city services that provide utilities. New users of utilities are required to register for “Infostan” company...

  • Podrška države - baza znanja

    State support for the purchase of housing


    For today there are following available types of state support for the purchase of housing: VAT refund upon first home purchase When buying an apartment in a new building directly from the investor...

  • Maintenance and management in residential buildings


    According to the law (Zakon o stanovanju I održavanju zgrada) all residential buildings are obliged to form a residential community, which is a legal entity registered in the register of...

  • Troškovi  - baza znanja

    Approximate additional costs while buying an apartment


    In addition to the sums that the seller has suggested you pay for the new apartment, you will be charged with additional expenses that usually accompany the deal. Data below are approximate and...

  • Grejanje u novogradnji - baza znanja

    Heating in new buildings


    Heating expenses are the most essential part of utility bills. Hear in Serbia you have several options in new buildings that may affect your choice: Central heating with payment on consumption (a...


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