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Maintenance and management in residential buildings

According to the law (Zakon o stanovanju I održavanju zgrada) all residential buildings are obliged to form a residential community, which is a legal entity registered in the register of residential communities, has a registration and tax number, as well as a bank account. All residential buildings must also have a manager. The implementation of this duty is possible in three ways:

  • Selection of a manager from among the residents (by a simple majority of 50% + 1 vote). Such a manager can perform his functions both for payment and on a volunteer basis.
  • Involvement of a professional manager from the number of trained and passed the exam in a special center at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.
  • A third-party manager, forcibly appointed by state bodies, for a period until tenants decide to transfer his functions to another person.

Building management includes administrative, technical and financial functions. The peculiarity of a professional manager is that he is obliged to ensure his liability in case of harm caused by his activities. More information on the website of the relevant ministry.



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