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Prijavljivanje novih korisnika komunalnih usluga

Having moved to a new apartment, do not forget to formalize the contracts with the city services that provide utilities. New users of utilities are required to register for “Infostan” company within 8 days after the start of using utility services.

For all new residential properties, the following utilities are automatically charged for payment: garbage collection, infrastructure maintenance, environmental protection. Other utilities are paid after registration in the relevant enterprise ЈKP "Beogradski vodovod i kanalizacija" (water supply and sewerage), ЈKP "Beogradske elektrane" (heating), ЈP ENP " Elektrodistribucija Beograd" (electric power supply) and ЈP “Gradsko Stambeno” (maintenance of residential buildings).

The costs for utilities, which are paid for consumed quantity, determined by the counter (water, hot water, and electricity) upon the start of operation of a new residential building are calculated on the basis of the area in sq.m. After the creation of a house management body and the receipt of an appropriate decision, the settlement method can be changed to pay for the number of people living in the apartment.

For registration in all instances it is necessary to provide an appropriate application, proof of ownership (contract, etc.) or the right to use the premises, as well as a copy of the personal card. Original documents are provided for confirmation.

Addresses and application forms are available through the links


Адреса отделений

Бланк заявления

ЈКП "Инфостан технологије"



ЈКП "Београдски водовод и канализација"



ЈП ЕПС "Електродистрибуција Београд"



ЈП "Градско стамбено"




Internet, telephone and television can be provided through various providers. Information about the provider available in your house is usually hung in the entrance. For new buildings, favorable promotional tariffs are often offered. 



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