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Stages of buying an apartment under construction

Kupovina u izgradnji  - baza znanja

Buying an apartment under construction directly from an investor can be an advantageous, but risky investment. Therefore, to check the developer (investor) and all the details of the project is the most important stage before the transaction. Once more, we strongly recommend that you use the services of a professional with a license to help and ensure you in this process, the main steps of which are presented below (available for download in pdf format).

  1. Selecting an apartment (our "Comparison" tool will help)
    1. Price
    2. Location
    3. Structure / floor size
    4. Technical equipment
    5. Other things important for you (neighborhood, number of storeys, public transport)
  2. Check the seller and the object of the most important parameters (more information is here)
    1. Investor (name, register number, site number)
    2. Solvency
    3. Property rights or legal relationship with the owner
    4. Building permit
    5. Other documents accompanying the construction ("prijava radova", "priključenje na komunalnu infrastrukturu")
  1. Checking documents for the apartment
    1. Building design (apartment is going to be registered as an apartment)
    2. Timing (schedule) of works
    3. Planned dates of receiving the use permit and registration of the property rights   
  2. Clarify all the details with the seller
    1. Final price, possible discount
    2. Terms of payment
    3. Terms of moving in 
    4. Other
  3. (optional) The preliminary agreement, reservation of the apartment
    1. Approval of the pre-contract and its certification by the notary
    2. Prepayment according to the corresponding preliminary contract
  4. (if using mortgage) Bank selection (see article
    1. Receiving approval for a loan
    2. Preparation of the documents
  5. The conclusion of the main contract, certification by notary.
  6. Payment of the apartment price
  7. (for non-residents) Obtaining a "PIB" - number in the tax office
  8. Paying taxes needed to be paid when buying an apartment (more)
  9. Registration and payment of property tax (porez na imovinu)
  10. Registration of utility payments to a new owner (see article)
  11. Registration in the cadaster - from 01.07.2018 is the responsibility of a notary who certifies the contract. 

In this process, in addition to paying the price of the apartment you will have to spend a certain amount of money for other purposes - here we have calculated that roughly. Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that this list is not comprehensive, its intention is to orient you on this road. So once more we strongly recommend you to use professional services that provide support for real estate transactions, especially under construction. 



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