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Heating in new buildings

Grejanje u novogradnji - baza znanja

Heating expenses are the most essential part of utility bills. Hear in Serbia you have several options in new buildings that may affect your choice:

  • Central heating with payment on consumption (a counter is installed for each apartment, and radiators are equipped with thermostats).
  • Electric heating may be of several types:
    • electric boiler (for the whole building, floor or separately in each apartment)
    • separate heating devices (such as electrical radiators)
    • a heat pump uses geothermal energy to heat the coolant, reheating by electricity. Heat pumps are of different types, depending on the initial conditions at the site.
  • Gas heating paid for consumption (gas boiler to the building, a counter is installed for each apartment, and radiators are equipped with thermostats).

Comparing the costs of these types of heating can only be very tentative because of a variety of factors affecting: the temperature, which the residents consider themselves comfortable, the location of the apartment, the insulation of the building, the types of heating devices and many others. Energy Agency this fall calculated that for an average apartment of 60m2 an average consumption is 9000kW in the season. 

Type of heating Months Costs per month, € Expenses per year, €
Gas, payment per consumption 6 60 358
Heat pump, payment on consumption of electricity 6 73 438
Central heating, payment per consumption 6 96 579
Electric heating 6 104 625
Central heating,  payment per m2 12 61 730

The above expenses do not include heating of common areas, as well as service expenses that are paid year-round (for central and gas heating, for example). For these purposes, it will be necessary to pay at least 25€ yearly. You can calculate the costs for central heating of an apartment with a given area and power of heating devices (with or without a meter) using this calculator.



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